Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mc Donalds Pumpkin Spiced Latte & Pumpkin Pie Review
I am currently still attempting to finish this latte and pie, and as I said in a previous post "I love all things pumpkin."

Let's begin with the latte. The only thing that was missing was PUMPKIN flavor. Seriously, there was no way of knowing that this was pumpkin if not for the name. It had a very artificial taste to it as well. It is rich and a tad to sweet for me. This is coming from a person that dumps a pound of sugar in her coffee. Somehow it got better the more I continued to drink it but I would definitely not order this again.

The pie...I couldn't even finish it. I'm grateful I only ordered one instead of 2 like I was inclined to do. It did taste like pumpkin but there was a lingering after taste that didn't taste quite....right. It was almost a plastic like residue. Im not trying to be a tough critic here. I genuinely did not enjoy either of these. The pie was even worse than the latte.

My conclusion, mediocre at best. Then again what can you expect from McDonalds? 

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