Saturday, June 11, 2011

Grey Flower Patch Purse

So yet again I find my self staring at the mountains of fabric I've been hoarding for the past few years and I felt moved to try something I had seen on one of my fav websites ( Check it out when you have the time! Anyhow this one took a bit longer than I thought due to all the small pieces that had to be cut out for this project. Also there is a great amount of detail in the center so that took even longer. After many hours of toiling this was the result...


heres one with better light


and a view of all the pockets in the inside!!!


Friday, June 10, 2011

black and yellow mod dress

Rummaging, rummaging...alas a few yards of a forgotten treasure! Time to put this fabric to good use. Using things I had on hand...I created a new dress. When I was done I used a small scrap of left over fabric and made a small scarf to tie around my neck. I adore scarfs. I love how they were used in the 50s, 60s, and  70s. Its a shame we don't use them now a days. But its a trend I've been attempting to revive for years now.

Excuse the awkward expression on my face I've never been photogenic ;(


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cute Felt Softies

So lately I've been looking at adorable handmade plush/felt dolls and have become quite enamored with them. I had no choice but to try my hand at this. So although I would have loved to hop in my car and head towards Los Angeles in search for mouth watering wools and limited edition imported linens today's gas prices forced me look through my fabric stash instead. I did however settle in a trip to "Micheals" for felt (not nearly as dear as any of the wools I dreamed about) I figured this being my first attempt I should not invest much in this project. After drafting a few patterns this is what I came up with....


individual views




I really want to do more but of food like carrots or broccoli and such!!! 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Vintage Fabric Find

So I was shuffling through old fabrics and I found an old print that I couldn't resist to make something out of. So a zipper and some bias tape later I came up with this.


It's one of my favorites yet. I made a slip because I was too lazy to line the dress its self.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lazy Sunday

So, yet again I've neglected my blogging. I've worked on many, many things these few months. It's a shame the quality on my pictures isn't the best but that's about to change, soon.

Ok, so on one of my many trips to LA naturally I found some amazing fabric. This find was a retro-style yellow rose print...superb! I gasped when I saw it and at 2 dollars a yard it was quite the steal.

 So I took some white elastic and some stretchy white fabric I had on hand and made a very simple and functional skirt. Then I said, "why not?" and whipped up a yellow blouse to go with it.